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Cempresso BPM

Cempresso Suite

Be the leader in the market with seamless processes and proactive flows

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Perfect tool designed to set the bar high. Make other companies follow your lead.

The best way to impress a customer is to make sure they never have to call to complain.

Cempresso BPM can make this happen. As an omnichannel process automation platform, it helps organizations with their digital transformation journey.

This comprehensive, integrated, and open low-code business application development platform covers the entire business process lifecycle and can serve as a unified and efficient Enterprise Service Management platform.

By connecting to all network elements, CPE, and various legacy systems, Cempresso enables streamlining of complex and long-running processes with BPM workflow.

Together with identifying issues, Cempresso BPM guides the end-to-end process by providing a remedy procedure in each step and verifies the success rate of every action completed.

Cempresso BPM main characteristics:

  • Applications are built with a fast drag-and-drop visual approach

  • It enables machine-to-machine interactions and consistent, contextualized, and personalized guided flows over multiple channels, as a part of a unified end-to-end process

  • It proactively initiates automatic problem-solving processes

  • It is tailored to meet the requirements of diverse industry customers, product lines, channels, and geographies, by creating unified processes for reusable solutions

Cempresso BPM implementation benefits:

  • Fully orchestrate and automate customer-facing business processes

  • Transform and digitize legacy siloed and disconnected processes to build consistent end-to-end experiences

  • Automate proactive maintenance and remedy of quality issues and service impairments

  • Reduce cost by automating employee routine task

  • Revenue growth by improving cross-sell/up-sell

  • Manage risks by automating processes, accelerate productivity, and decrease errors

  • Real-time operational dashboards

Key capabilities

End Customer modules:

  • Customer portal modules, virtual assistants & selfcare apps over Web and mobile interfaces
  • Smart Chatbot applications over multiple channels (SMS, FB, Viber, Whatsapp, etc.)
Bulb products

Internal stakeholders modules:

  • Flexible Work Portal for internal task orchestrations
  • Call Centre Agent Dashboard with smart guided flows and 360 visibility
  • Mobile applications for field teams task orchestration

User console:

  • flexible management of all enterprise tasks and cases
  • customer centric and contextual task forms with 360 views
  • contextual tools used to guide and empower users
  • supporting and managing roles and stakeholders associated with a case
  • process monitoring and tracking tools
  • a complete set of tools for creating, managing, and executing business processes

Integration Framework:

  • supports various API protocols
  • simple and seamless driver invocation/call from the workflow design mode
  • driver pooling and throttling concept for efficiency and resource management
  • brings together all the machine-to-machine interactions

Business logic management:

  • flexible design studio and workflow modeler enable fast creation and deployment of process logic in an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface
  • wraps around existing systems and brings a new BPMN based automation layer
  • low-code/no-code platform to build customer centric process automation applications
  • comprehensive omni-channel application user interfaces which enables premium customer experience

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