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Customer Service Process Automation

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A platform that will make your agents efficient as superheroes

Cempresso Customer Care is a new-concept software platform for customer support process automation and knowledge management.

With Cempresso Customer Care, you get ONE frontline tool that can replace all current legacy systems, making agents onboarding faster and less complicated.
Cempresso Customer Care allows agents to identify the root cause issue in a glance, and recommend suitable remedy which is only a click away.

The Agent becomes a person of trust because he can deliver all the needed information and correct remedy actions at the right moment.

There is no more guessing when it comes to troubleshooting.

Our clients reach to us when they need a solution for:

  • Front-line cost reduction initiatives

  • Too many front-line applications being used

  • Front-line efficiency boost initiatives

  • Agents struggle to interpret complex data

  • Lack of customer exposed touch-points

  • Lack of interaction history in the legacy system

Powerful platform for complex processes

Behind a simple to comprehend and easy to interpret tool lays a powerful carrier-grade based and scalable platform, with multitenant architecture and integrated with all elements involved in the service delivery chain.

A unique domain approach enables the use of Cempresso as a unique and comprehensive end-to-end service assurance platform for all types of telecom services and infrastructure elements (fixed, mobile, etc.).


Bring the troubleshoot process to your customer

Introducing a self-care version of Cempresso to the customer brings benefits for both sides.

For a Company, opening a new digital touchpoint (chat, Viber, Facebook, SMS, etc.) will enable inflow control to Customer service.
Empowering customers to solve simple issues on their own and, therefore, avoiding waiting in queue for an agent to answer, will, in the long run, make a habit of contacting customer service as a last resort.

Both result in cost reduction.

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