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Customer service

Use Cempresso for process automation and customer engagement to resolve the toughest difficulties - fast and easy.

Automated Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Empower your agents with automated diagnostics, guided step by step workflow and intuitive access to all required information in one tool, to reduce repeated interactions and facilitate fast resolution.

Digital Customer Service

Seamlessly connect and empower customers and agents with the tools, information, and freedom to choose the preferred channel (social media, messaging platforms, chat, email, web portals, IVR, and mobile applications) for improved customer experience.

Virtual Agent

Our Virtual Agent empowers end-customer or employees through enhanced self-service over NLP based chatbot, web, mobile app, IVR, etc.

Automated Customer Service

Redefine first line support and empower agents with automated background investigation and root cause analysis, 360 service visibility, a unique automatic remedy, and guided support concept via various channel interfaces to increase customer satisfaction.

Enterprise Process Automation

Combine all our products for seamless transition within levels involved in the process and improve the process based on efficiency and success rate of each remedy.

Digital On-Boarding and Order Management

Choose the customer-centric approach to on-boarding that spans information capture, identification, verification, and fulfilment. Our solution enables businesses to automate the customer onboarding journey and improve satisfaction.


Cempresso Chatbot enables fast and easy access to various information for customers and employees – when they need it and through different channels.

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