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With the powerful analytics stack, identifying customers which are affected becomes a walk in the park, as well as finding the correct remedy to solve whatever issue they have.

Analyzing the entire telecom network is often difficult

Among other things, various technical parameters, the correctness of network elements, and user devices affect the quality of service provided by telecom to customers. Before dispatching a technician to intervention, it is crucial to understand all these “root causes”.

But how to see the relevant details among thousands of individual lines of customers?
How to choose the right customers who need the intervention?

With our  Service Performance Dashboard.

Use the power of AI and ML to visualize groups of affected customers and the severity of issues they are experiencing to manage your resources more efficiently.

Choose a group of customers that need instant support

The Service Performance Score monitors customers with a device or network difficulties, groups them into designated groups based on the severity of the problem: customers with good, medium or bad rating.

The goal is to identify the customers who have the most critical problems, comprehend what the problems are, and how to support them.

The analysis includes specific periods, geolocation, service name, and technology.

Analyze the root cause of a customer issue in just a few clicks

For each root cause, thresholds are defined indicating in which cases the customer has a problem.

This way, there is no need to depend on the individual interpretation of the data since all relevant parameters are analyzed and displayed on the Service Performance Dashboard.

Choose each graph to get a deeper insight into users who have a particular problem with the possibility to export all data.

Also, the number of users is tracked by trends to see if there are increases, decreases, or periodicity for the selected period.

Need an individual customer analysis?

Use the Service Performance Score dashboard.

Each telecom has customers who consider their problems as the worst or frequently complain about the quality of the service provided.

Now, agents have the tool to instantly analyze current service status and potential problems on the customer’s line.

Furthermore, Service Performance Score enables analysis of each particular case at the customer level throughout time by providing the customer’s score, attenuation, SNR, current speed, errored seconds, modem interruptions, as well as their trends.

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