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BH Telecom Selects Bulb to Auto Configure its Fiber and DSL Networks

Bulb Technologies, a leader in broadband service management and customer experience solutions, has released an announcement today, stating that BH Telecom, the incumbent operator in Bosnia and Herzegovina providing fixed and mobile service including broadband DSL, 3G, IPTV and many other services, has selected its DACS (DHCP Auto Configuration System) as its central DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) provisioning platform. This means that Bulb will help BH Telecom to auto configure, provision and manage its DSL and fiber networks – both those rolled out and future networks.

“Once again, Bulb’s DACS has proved that our enterprise-grade DHCP solution addresses the demand of telecom operators and that this segment has a need for deployment of new provisioning solutions. We look forward to working with BH Telecom as this rolls out.” commented Neven Stipcevic, CTO of Bulb.

Bulb’s DACS is based on a telecom-grade DHCP management server that adheres to all relevant standards and supports technologies in today’s market. It also supports the provisioning of various CPE (customer premises equipment) types deployed in the access infrastructure, including the xDSL and FTTx equipment which BH Telecom will be using.

About Bulb Technologies
Bulb Technologies provides solutions for telecom service management, customer support process automation and knowledge management. Bulb enables all types of service providers ‒ fixed, cable and mobile ‒ to deliver superior customer experience and significantly reduce customer support related costs. Bulb’s solutions support any protocol, device or telecom network element, and meet complex custom delivery requirements in the multivendor network infrastructure. Bulb was founded in 2006. Its customers include companies of Deutsche Telekom, Telekom Austria and United Groups. Learn more at

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