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B.Net/Vipnet Engage Bulb Technologies for Proactive DOCSIS Service Assurance

A leader in broadband service management and customer experience solutions, Bulb Technologies has announced today that it has inked a DOCSIS service assurance deal with B.Net, the leading cable operator in Croatia. B.Net is part of Vipnet, one of the two leading mobile operators in the region. Both companies are part of the Telekom Austria Group, TAG. Under the terms of the deal, Bulb has been awarded an IPDR (Internet Protocol Detail Record) predictive analysis project which will provide essential information for proactive service assurance.

IP Detail Record (IPDR) protocol provides a standard framework for collecting subscriber usage and network instrumentation data in DOCSIS networks. Operators analyze and proactively act upon the collected data, as part of service assurance in hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) access networks. By targeting data from the CMTS (cable modem termination system) critical pieces of information can be collected and analyzed to improve overall service and customer experience.

“The goal of this project is to integrate all of B.Net’s CMTS equipment into one single analytics tool,” commented Neven Stipcevic, CTO of Bulb. “This will give us unprecedented insight into network performance and service quality on subscriber and CMTS level, and allow us to consolidate analytics, saving time, money and resources, while providing a better reporting tool with actionable results.”

Bulb has been making waves in the DOCSIS market and the B.Net announcement today affirms its leadership position as a key solution vendor to this important market segment.

Vipnet, B.Net’s parent company, is a current Bulb customer having deployed Bulb’s DACS (DOCSIS Auto Configuration System) as the central provisioning and management solution addressing terminal equipment in its fixed access network.

About Bulb Technologies
Bulb Technologies provides solutions for telecom service management, customer support process automation and knowledge management. Bulb enables all types of service providers ‒ fixed, cable and mobile ‒ to deliver superior customer experience and significantly reduce customer support related costs. Bulb’s solutions support any protocol, device or telecom network element, and meet complex custom delivery requirements in the multivendor network infrastructure. Bulb was founded in 2006. Its customers include companies of Deutsche Telekom, Telekom Austria and United Groups. Learn more at

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