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How Pan-Net solved device agnostic OTT application delivery with Bulb Technologies

Everything is about videos and online streaming nowadays. While commuting to work, or at home in front of their TV with their family, the consumption of videos has become common pastime for everyone in Europe and this trend is not going to decline any time soon.

In 2016, 68% of the population in the European Union, played or downloaded content (including films, videos, music etc.)  from the Internet and since 2008, consumer spending on digital video and VOD in Europe has steadily grown, while retail video sales have been declining (ref. Statista).

This is why, delivering OTT and IPTV services to customers is now key for CSPs.

However, for consumers to choose OTT services over traditional broadcast TV, applications must work just as smoothly as possible, without any buffering, jitter or visual artifacting. On top of this, these applications must work on any device, with a great look and feel that is constituent across all screens.

But for many CSPs, challenges still remain in providing this level of service quality.

Pan-Net, the joint Pan-European network of Deutsche Telekom, had challenges in providing cloud-distributed IPTV / OTT offerings to multiple operators across Europe. Historically, each national subsidiary within the Group has run and maintained its own production platform.  Eliminating this inefficient separate development and production of similar services and products while enabling superior quality and enhanced customer experience is Pan-Net’s mission.

At the core of this is the need to provide each national operator with the ability to deliver OTT client applications from a standardised and agile telco production infrastructure that could be cloud-distributed across borders. With this in place, Pan-Net is able to reassure each local operator as to the added value the Group solution will deliver for both their operations and their customers.

To help deliver on this promise, Bulb Technologies has provided Pan-Net with a fast and lightweight solution for end-device agnostic  OTT application delivery that ensures a consistent look and feel across iOS, Android, TV, set top box and Web UI.

With this solution, Pan-Net is now able to showcase how one hosted OTT application solution for all the European operators at DT Group can provide them with a high-end differentiating service to their end-user customers who will be able to benefit of OTT services such as fast delivery of new services and bundles, while enjoying a superior customer experience.

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