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Creating an outstanding experience with Cempresso Customer Care

A1 Slovenia case study

Throughout the years, customer habits and expectations have been changing and evolving. Customers are accustomed to experiences they receive from big players, such as Netflix, Uber, Revolut, and Tesla. Therefore, it is no surprise that now operators and service providers have an even more challenging job than ever. They have to deliver a great customer experience to their customers and keep them loyal by investing in innovative solutions and defining optimized process flows.

A1 Slovenia was among the first ones to recognize the need for optimization and simplification of processes to provide their customers with a unique and improved digital experience. But to deliver it, they needed a trustworthy and experienced partner. For that, they chose Bulb as a partner to implement the “Cempresso Customer Care” solution – a platform with proven efficiency within the A1 Group.

In short, the project goal was to empower end customers and customer support, representatives with the state-of-the-art solution – easy to comprehend, fast in analysis and interpretation, and accessible through any desired channel.

Collaboration with A1 Slovenia on the implementation of Cempresso in their IT landscape and supporting them in intent to deliver supreme customer experience to their customers was an exceptional experience for the Bulb team. Thanks to the exceptional support and involvement of experts from A1 Slovenia, their preparation, and very detailed specifications of diagnostic processes, we managed to deliver a solution that meets all the requirements of A1 Slovenia and will certainly retain its leading telecom position in Slovenia.

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    I am very proud of our achievement in the past year. I can already say that Cempresso Customer Care implementation exceeded my expectations. This project is an excellent example of how cooperation between two IT development teams should look like.”

    — Miha Čerič

    IT Development Team Leader, A1

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