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Bulb Technologies Welcomes Luc Cavelier as CSO

Leadership team changes

Regional technology leader, Bulb Technologies, is excited to announce that Luc Cavelier is joining its leadership team.
Cavelier also holds a position as a Vice President of International Sales for M+ Group, a company that has a share in Bulb Technologies, and as of the beginning of May, he will lead the global sales organization in Bulb Technologies. Through his new position, he will be providing executive leadership, direction, and vision to ensure alignment with the company’s financial and strategic goals and will also help set the company’s strategy for the future. This will also bring an upgrade to the whole IT stream of the M+ ecosystem, to which Bulb significantly contributes with its sophisticated technology.

Our Board welcomes a leader of Luc’s caliber to our community to lead our salesforce. Luc has the qualifications and expertise to make Bulb Sales an even larger and more successful organization. We believe he will have a lasting impact on our brand and generate results on a global scale. Bulb is currently accelerating on a path to massive international accomplishments in the automation space. We’re already a regional leader in the industry, and we believe that Luc Cavelier is just the person to help us leverage our current momentum and reach for the stars.


At Bulb, Luc will lead the global sales organization, providing executive leadership, direction, and vision to ensure alignment with the company’s financial and strategic goals. As a member of the Board, Luc will also help set the company’s strategy for the future.

Investing in a Future of Digital Transformation

Luc brings more than 30 years of business development experience in the contact center industry in Europe and the United States to the company. An exceptional level of experience and his involvement in global robotic and intelligent process automation projects make Luc an excellent addition to the team. His position in international sales with M+ Group made Luc the natural choice for such an important role.

Bulb Technologies believes having Luc in this role will contribute to a more powerful positioning in international markets and the further development of the innovative Cempresso platform.

I am honored to be appointed CSO and board member of Bulb technologies and am looking forward to building our ‘One Team, One Vision, One Goal‘ strategy in order to develop a new dimension of customer experience management. I am delighted to be working with other experts at Bulb Technologies who I’ve come to know as excellent team players promoting an inclusive & collaborative atmosphere and continually inspiring me to give my best.


Looking forward

As a passionate member of the team, Luc will support Bulb Technologies in empowering customers and partners around the globe to unlock a new dimension of customer experience management.

Earlier this year, Bulb secured an investment worth 7 million euros thanks to the strategic partnership with M + Group, the largest independent BPTO service provider (Business Process and Information Technology Outsourcing) in Central and Eastern Europe and Asia Minor. This strategic partnership provided Bulb with both a strong partner and funding for further market growth and expansion.

This move will strengthen the focus on the international growth of Bulb d.o.o. Already, over the last 15 years, the company positioned itself as a regional technology leader in the field of digitalization and automation in customer care processes and customer experience management.

We’re looking forward to the new opportunities that Luc will help us unlock as he joins the Bulb Technologies team. This is an exciting time for the tech industry, and we are keen to continue supporting our customers with their digital transformation strategies through our pioneering technologies and tools. Hiring thought leaders like Luc will help us to reach our goals.



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