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Cempresso Analytics & Intelligence

Do more with data than just look at it.

Use big data analytics and intelligence to improve business


Create value from data analytics and advance into the proactive world

Cempresso Analytics and Intelligence is designed to collect, process, and analyze relevant data to generate actionable insights and trigger proactive activities. With Cempresso Analytics and Intelligence features, companies can enhance the overall customer experience level, and consequently boost their efficiency.

One of our leading use cases with Cempresso Analytics and Intelligence is in telecommunication: Cempresso Analytics and Intelligence processes data from customer devices, network elements, service delivery platforms, and OSS/BSS systems to generate insights for managing technical operations, customer care, and marketing actions.

Effect: a positive impact on different business KPIs (decrease of unjustified tickets to 2nd and 3rd level, an increase of first call resolution, performance boost on technical teams – group ticketing rather than individual, etc.).

Cempresso Analytics and Intelligence main features:

  • Massive volume data collecting from the entire network, processing, enrichment and storage

  • Scalable for deployment on largest networks

  • KPI/KQI calculation with adaptable reporting and visualization engine

  • Proactive alerts and automated activities based on formed insights

  • Acceleration of root cause analysis, recommendations and insights for customer care

  • Out of the box templates to cover the most relevant use cases

  • Tackles various difficulties at diverse levels (Network, service, OSS/BSS level, etc.)

  • Pre-defined analytics libraries (CPE/Home Analytics, DSLAM Line Analytics, DOCSIS Network Analytics, IPTV/OTT Service Analytics, etc.)

Cempresso Analytics and Intelligence implementation benefits:

  • Increase in first call resolution

  • Lower number of callbacks with on-the-spot repair validation

  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention, reduced churn

  • Higher revenue through improved customer experience: upselling and cross-selling

  • Fewer costly field service dispatches/truck-rolls

  • Fewer unjustified CPE replacements

  • Decreased maintenance costs and prevent future outages

  • Shortened time-to-fix and improve first-time fix rates

  • Improved operational efficiency

  • Grouped customers with common impairments to maximize tech’s efforts

Key capabilities

Solution Scope (telecom):

  • Fixed access network (DOCSIS, xDSL, FTTx)
  • Radio access network (RAN)
  • Home network (cable modem, CPE, ONT, WiFi)
  • Service monitoring
Bulb products

OOTB Data Collection:

  • CPE data over TR-069
  • CPE/CM performance data over CLI and SNMP
  • DSLAM port performance data over CLI/SNMP/EM
  • CABLE plant monitoring (DOCSIS)

Erichment and storage:

  • Online data Enrichment (customer/GIS/service-related data)
  • Enhancement, refinement and improvement of raw data
  • Column-oriented database
  • Distributed storage
  • SQL queries in real-time
  • Billions of rows per seconds


  • Real-time network performance monitoring
  • System performance monitoring
  • Network Performance dashboard
  • Service performance dashboard
  • Cempresso customer session analytics
  • Geospatial data visualisation

System Components:

  • Data ingestion and processing module
  • TR-069 data collection proxy module
  • CLI/SNMP data collection module
  • Performance dashboard
  • Analytics console
  • NBI interface

Advanced Analytics Powered by Machine Learning:

  • Time series data analytics
  • Anomaly detection
  • Network congestions
  • Trend analytics
  • Real-time alerts

Use Cases:

  • Proactive group fault detection
  • Access Line quality
  • Network performance
  • Service quality KPIs
  • WiFi quality

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