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Best Platform for Process Automation

Cempresso Customer Care is a new-concept software platform for customer support process automation and knowledge management. One of the key features enables agents to get the full context and AI-driven suggestions to resolve issues fast and easily while using a single tool.

Cempresso Customer care wraps around existing systems and visualizes data for agents making agent’s everyday tasks less stressful and easy to comprehend. Additionally, there is no need for a massive change of existing IT systems to harness the full potential of the Cempresso platform.

Cempresso concept includes an automated background investigation and root cause analysis, 360 service visibility, as well as a unique automatic remedy and guided support concept via various channel interfaces.

Meaning, all the hard work is done by Cempresso by predefined workflows in every call, so agents can focus on more important things than how to interpret loads of data.

Cempresso Customer Care main features:

  • Easy-to-use and intuitive

  • Step-by-step guided workflows

  • Flexible platform management

  • Advanced and powerful care sessions analytics

  • Different roles involved in the process connected via ONE tool (call centre agents, 2nd and 3rd level support)

  • NBI interface for integration with other OSS/BSS systems

Cempresso Customer Care implementation benefits:

  • Reduced agent onboarding time

  • Improved agent efficiency

  • Faster and more adequate call resolution

  • Increased first call resolution

  • Unification of troubleshoot process

  • Improved service and productivity

  • Offloaded CSR agents due to powerful self-care channels over web, mobile, chatbot

  • Scaled for business efficiency

  • Faster development and deployment

  • Increasing customer loyalty and experience

Key capabilities

Agent console:

  • A customer-centric contextual dashboard with 360-degree views designed for customer service representatives
  • Intelligent step-by-step guided workflows with AI
  • Automatic actions and remedy flows
  • Advanced history of all activities on any channel
  • Multi-user role management options
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Selfcare applications:

  • Web-based and mobile applications to guide customers
  • Virtual assistants to offload care agents
  • Guided automated issue detection, root cause analysis and remedy procedures
  • Comprehensive customer care 24/7

Chatbot applications:

  • Efficient chatbot applications available on apps like WhatsApp and Messenger
  • Common capabilities for machine-to-machine interactions (i.e. IT systems and connected devices)
  • Chatbot business logic with no-code flows
  • Fully integrated multi-language NLP engine
  • BPMN drag-and-drop workflow building

Integration Framework:

  • supports various API protocols
  • simple and seamless driver invocation/call from the workflow design mode
  • driver pooling and throttling concept for efficiency and resource management
  • error handling (asynchronous invocation from WF, retrying mechanisms, etc.)
  • runtime hot-swap driver replacement with no system down time

Business logic management:

  • everything in Cempresso is managed through BPMN based workflows
  • flexible web-based design studio and workflow modeler enable fast creation and deployment of process logic in an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface
  • wraps around existing systems and brings a new BPMN based automation layer
  • low-code/no-code platform to build customer centric process automation applications

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