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Bulb is the DOCSIS Provisioning Platform of Choice with Several New Customer Announcements

It was announced today that that several new customers have selected Bulb’s DACS – DHCP/DOCSIS Auto Configuration System as their tool of choice to help provision both installed and newly deployed CPE (customer premises equipment) devices for their broadband networks.

Recent new customers include:

  • SBB – the biggest cable TV and broadband operator in Serbia
  • Telemach Slovenia – the leading provider of cable TV, telephony and broadband internet services in Slovenia
  • Telemach Bosnia-Herzegovina – the leading cable television and broadband internet service provider, and the largest alternative fixed line operator in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Blicnet – a top communications company offering broadband internet, fixed telephony and analog and digital TV services in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bulb, a leader in broadband service management and customer experience solutions, has worked extensively with the United Group, which is the largest alternative telecom provider in the South East Europe region that operates in telecommunication platforms and media. SBB, Telemach Slovenia and Telemach Bosnia-Herzegovina operate as independent brands as part of the United Group.

Bulb’s DACS is a centralized CPE device management platform that helps to manage the allocation of IP addresses and configure CPE devices. It is based on a telecom-grade DHCP management service and supports all relevant standards, including DOCSIS for cable broadband and cable modems. DACS eliminates the need for manual generation of service-specific configuration files, and it dynamically generates device configuration files to help with activating converged broadband services.

“In a hybrid fiber-coaxial network it is important to keep provisioning costs to a minimum,” commented Neven Stipcevic, CTO of Bulb. “The auto-configuration of Bulb’s DACS solution goes a long way to maximizing ROI and minimizing any end-user deployment or service problems.”

About Bulb Technologies
Bulb Technologies provides solutions for telecom service management, customer support process automation and knowledge management. Bulb enables all types of service providers ‒ fixed, cable and mobile ‒ to deliver superior customer experience and significantly reduce customer support related costs. Bulb’s solutions support any protocol, device or telecom network element, and meet complex custom delivery requirements in the multivendor network infrastructure. Bulb was founded in 2006. Its customers include companies of Deutsche Telekom, Telekom Austria and United Groups. Learn more at

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