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BH Telecom Enhances Broadband Offerings with Bulb’s NEPS and Service Assurance Solutions

It was announced today that BH Telecom (BHT), the incumbent operator in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has engaged Bulb for another broadband service assurance project.

Using Bulb’s NEPS (Network Element Provisioning System) BH Telecom will be able to efficiently manage its DSLAM equipment in a multivendor environment. This will enhance the remote provisioning and long-term management of customer devices in the field.

“BH Telecom’s priorities are to provision and monitor its broadband networks as quickly and efficiently as possible,”commented Neven Stipcevic, CTO of Bulb. “Bulb’s comprehensive service assurance solution goes a long way to maximizing ROI and minimizing any deployment or service problems.”

Bulb NEPS – Network Element Provisioning System
BH Telecom is using Bulb’s NEPS to provision and monitor its central office DSLAMs, and automate service delivery processes for the DSLAM and OLT network nodes. In order to address specific network and service related requirements, the NEPS flexible data model can adopt the most complex line and service profile provisioning matrix. Based on its integrated multiservice, multiprotocol and multivendor provisioning complexity, NEPS provides a unified DSLAM provisioning and performance data monitoring interface for other BSS/OSS systems.

The service assurance project awarded to Bulb will include integration of Alcatel-Lucent ServiceView, as a central Service Management Platform (SMP) for broadband services. Once Bulb deploys the new platform, BH Telecom will have a sophisticated provisioning, diagnostics and troubleshooting platform, improving the customer experience and quality of service. As a strategic Alcatel channel partner, Bulb delivers and integrates ServiceView platform, customizing it to fit operator needs.

Bulb will also integrate Alcatel-Lucent Home Device Manager (HDM). This will complement Bulb’s DACS (DOCSIS Auto Configuration System) middleware which was implemented two years ago as BHT’s tool-of-choice to help provision both installed and newly deployed CPE devices. This new project will reach all CPE devices within the network and create a centralized CPE device management solution.

About Bulb Technologies
Bulb Technologies provides solutions for telecom service management, customer support process automation and knowledge management. Bulb enables all types of service providers ‒ fixed, cable and mobile ‒ to deliver superior customer experience and significantly reduce customer support related costs. Bulb’s solutions support any protocol, device or telecom network element, and meet complex custom delivery requirements in the multivendor network infrastructure. Bulb was founded in 2006. Its customers include companies of Deutsche Telekom, Telekom Austria and United Groups. Learn more at

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