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DACS – The Ultimate Remote Device Management solution

The ultimate provisioning solution for companies in the midst of digital transformation

Companies are under increasing pressure to deliver incredible experiences with limited resources, time, and budget. As the marketplace grows increasingly competitive, and the economy transforms, every organization needs the correct strategy in place to drive ongoing results.
We all know how important it can be for cable service providers to maintain the right control over remote devices. Having access to a solution that not only makes provisioning easier in the digital world but also boosts your chances of providing excellent customer service is crucial.
That’s where DACS remote device management solutions come in.

Implementing a powerful remote device management DACS solution could be the key to reducing operating expenses while preparing your business for unlimited growth. At Bulb Technologies, our state-of-the-art DHCP/DOCSIS auto-configuration system device management offering provides a standards-based, flexible approach remote device control.

What Can DACS Solution Do?

Designed to give your cable business an edge, our DACS is an offering custom-built for the end-to-end fulfilment of Multimedia and Broadband services through cable modem management. Our leading offering already supports millions of cable configurations, supporting the highest standards for scalability and reliability.

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