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Embracing Hyper Automation: The New Age of Intelligent Automation

Have you heard of hyper automation yet?

Identified by Gartner as the number one strategic technology trend for 2020, hyper automation is a concept in the early stages of rapid industrial growth. Where automation leverages technology to automate human-focused tasks, hyper automation supports the rapid identification and automation of various processes via RPA (robotic process automation) and low-code platforms.
Tools like RPA, AI, and LCAP are gaining increasing attention in the modern business age. These solutions are effective in any organization, across countless business and IT use-cases, making them inherently promising for business growth. The sheer potential of hyper automation technology has prompted experts to predict a value for the market of around $596.6 billion by 2022.
VP of Gartner, Fabrizio Biscotti, says that hyper automation has shifted from a compelling option for businesses, into a critical “condition of survival”. As digital transformation plans accelerate following COVID-19, organizations will demand more business process automation and IT innovation.

Defining Hyper Automation: What is Hyper Automation?

Hyperautomation deals with the use of various advanced technologies, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, to automate complex processes, and empower human beings. Hyperautomation can extend across a wide range of tools and processes. According to VP of research at Gartner, Cathy Tornbohm, companies are shifting from loosely aligned sets of automation strategies to comprehensive, connected campaigns for automation.

Currently, the fastest-growing area of hyper automation is in the development of tools that provide more visibility into business activities, context management, and orchestrated work across multiple systems and services. Gartner believes that by 2024, organizations will reduce their operational costs by 30%, simply with access to hyper-automation and optimization.

In a digital-first world, companies are looking for better ways to automate the structuring of data and content, with technologies that automate content ingestion, optical character recognition, conversational AI, document ingestion, and more. Because no single software solution can replace human professionals entirely, hyper automation often includes a combination of aligned tools, including AI, robotic process automation, and intelligent business management software.

According to Gartner, hyper automation supports the creation of a digital twin of a company, allowing organizations to virtualize how functions, key processes, and processes drive value. The DTO becomes an integral part of the hyper automation process, providing continuous intelligence, real-time insights, and significant business opportunities.

Use Cases for Hyper Automation

Hyperautomation combines various elements of successful process automation, integrating technologies and tools which amplify the automation of work. The strategy begins with robotic process automation at the core and expands automation capabilities with process mining, AI, analytics, and various other tools.

Building on the momentum of RPA, and the democratization of automation, hyper automation promises to redesign the way we address repetitive tasks in every industry. In many ways, hyper automation is changing the way we work.

Hyper automation also benefits companies searching for low-code tools in an environment where it’s often difficult to find IT and development skills. Potential use cases abound, as hyper automation extends the already successful concept of intelligent automation, promising end-to-end process management with minimal human intervention. The convergence of cloud computing, process automation technologies, and the rising need to process unstructured data will bring the benefits of hyper automation to countless industries.

Day-to-day examples could range all the way from simple supply chain automation strategies, to self-driving cars, smart home assistants and predictive analytics tools that respond to behavioural changes in customers.

Some of the areas that could benefit from hyper automation include:

  • Digital self-care: Troubleshooting and self-service solutions for customer experience
  • Enterprise process automation, enabling efficiency across all industries
  • Proactive network management with OSS/BSS systems and insights
  • Automatic diagnostics and troubleshooting to reduce risk in business landscapes
  • Virtual agent support and chatbot assistance for teams and end-users
  • Automated customer service with 360-service visibility and cause analysis
  • Digital onboarding and order management
  • Automated network performance optimization
  • Service performance dashboard analytics and insights

Preparing for the Benefits of Hyper Automation

Hyperautomation technology will provide businesses with a new way to accelerate and enhance the benefits of automation in the workplace. Gartner believes hyper automation tools will give companies the freedom to map business activities and requirements, automate, and manage content ingestion and orchestrate work across various systems. The possibilities of hyper automation also extend to the creation of complex rule engines for automatically triggered responses.

Organizations can use hyper automation not just to improve performance on an enterprise-scale but reduce operational costs too. Hyperautomation can minimize risks and inaccuracies in businesses, improve efficiency, and enhance day-to-day operations. Hyperautomation also empowers companies to take advantage of new opportunities.
For an automated enterprise, hyper automation represents a natural next step in the development of new strategies for business growth. AI capabilities, such as machine learning, intelligent character recognition, natural language processing, and even AI computer vision can work together with hyper automation to make machines more beneficial in the workforce.
These digitally enhanced solutions can therefore empower and augment the modern workforce while searching for methods of optimization and growth on a constant basis. Companies could even implement automated process discovery tools that demonstrate opportunities on what can be automated in the workplace.
Most experts agree that hyper automation is a crucial first step in enabling everyone in an organization to embrace the true benefits of automation on a cultural level. The right automation tools can even boost employee engagement by reducing the number of repetitive tasks an employee deals with and improving access to valuable information and tools to modern teams.

Enabling Hyper Automation with Cempresso

Bulb Technologies prepares companies for the age of hyper automation and digital growth with the incredible Cempresso platform. The Cempresso suite is built on the benefits of automation and optimized business performance. Through mixed and matched granular components of the Cempresso suite, companies can build their own perfect hyper automation experience, via a low-code platform enhanced with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

An extensive background in process automation and AI innovation places Bulb Tech in the perfect position to build bespoke hyper automation opportunities via the Cempresso platform. The low-code environment can handle everything from anomaly detection in business performance, to trend and predictive analytics, NLP, and OCR. Combined, the right selection of tools provides comprehensive empowerment opportunities for human operations, M2M, and customer engagement automation.


Just some of the products within the Cempresso suite contributing to hyper automation include:

  • Customer care automation: Cempresso customer care is a pioneering automation platform for customer support and process management. The features of the customer care platform enable a fully contextual and AI-driven environment where companies can develop automated and fast strategies for customer support, with the minimum initial investment. Cempresso customer care wraps around existing systems, visualizes crucial data for human agents, and automates repetitive processes like root cause analysis, background investigation. Companies can even implement automatic remedy and guided support solutions via various channels.
  • Cempresso business process management: Business process automation is at the heart of the hyper automation revolution. Cempresso Business Process management helps companies with their digital transformation journey, detecting issues before the customer notices and orchestrating processes from detection through to resolution. An integrated low-code business application development platform serves as an efficient platform for enterprise service management. The solution also connects to all network elements, legacy systems, CPE, and tools, for end-to-end insights.
  • Cempresso analytics intelligence and proactive care: The Cempresso Analytics and intelligence system collects, processes, and evaluates relevant data for the creation of actionable insights. With these features, companies can improve customer experience, boost team efficiency, and drive better outcomes. Cempresso Analytics and Intelligence tools process data from network elements, customer devices, and service delivery platforms, generating insights for managing operations.

The Cempresso platform tackles common business challenges on an incredible scale, taking automation opportunities to the next level. Whether you’re looking for automatic diagnostics and troubleshooting, or proactive network management, Cempresso could act as the initial stepping stone to your custom hyper automation strategy.

Unlocking Hyper Automation

More than just a trend in the AI and automation landscape, hyper automation represents a new horizon for digital transformation. Leveraging the true benefits of automation for extensive business development and efficiency ensures that businesses can transform at an incredible pace. Cempresso’s suite of solutions provides an excellent opportunity for creating your own, customized strategy for hyper automation, ready to grow and evolve with your company.

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