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Streamlining Processes in Telecommunications with Automation

How to speed up your business processes without compromising quality, security, and performance?

Speed is of the essence for the success of a business. Time is money, no matter what industry you are in, and every wasted moment can mean missing out on countless opportunities. And with customer experience now the most important factor in differentiating a brand, speed can help you stand out from the competition.

In the telecom industry, agility and excellence are key to building meaningful, long-term relationships with your customers. If you do not give your customers the speed they want, you’ll lose them to the competition. In today’s fast-paced world, telecom companies often lose business due to inefficiencies.

The crucial question is: How can you speed up your business processes without compromising quality, security, and performance? The simple answer is streamlining processes through automation. Let us take a look at some of the things telecom companies can achieve with automation technologies.

How Automation Streamlines Order Management

The right automation strategy helps companies eliminate friction points in everyday processes through intelligent, predefined workflows. With business process automation and intelligent process automation, companies can set up predefined rules for what should happen when a certain event occurs – so-called, proactive care workflows. For example, you could set up a workflow that automatically forwards information about a customer to a service representative when someone purchases your product.

Order management may not be the most exciting part of running a successful business, but it’s more influential than you might think. Many companies still rely on complex and outdated systems for onboarding and order management. These processes are typically time-consuming, error-prone, and slow to adapt to changing customer needs.

Bulb Tech’s automated order management and onboarding, on the other hand, simplifies and improves business processes with a customer-centric strategy that spans from information gathering to order fulfillment. You can automate customer and employee onboarding with a customer-centric, contextual dashboard that provides complete visibility to service representatives.

With the Bulb Tech template, you can even design your own smart order management system using the Cempresso platform:

  • Track and support customer experiences with connected touchpoints across business activities, systems, and domains.
  • Manage multiple onboarding cases with the integration of legacy systems and multiple data sources in a comprehensive customer view.
  • Ensure lower costs and high flexibility to adapt to onboarding needs by eliminating unnecessary steps.
  • Develop experiences to support employees and customers on their journey and improve the overall experience.
  • Deliver relevant campaign content with photos, videos, instructions, links, and guidelines specific to each user.

Seamless order management and onboarding reduce siloed experiences within business environments and transform business performance. You can respond to customers faster, minimize the risk of human error, and get a clearer view of the customer journey with transparent collaboration between departments during onboarding sessions.

Using Automation to Streamline Customer Care

Streamlining onboarding and order management through automation is just one example of how telecom companies can become more competitive in the digital age. 67% of customers say they prefer self-service over a face-to-face meeting with a company representative. With automation, you can enable your customers to perform tasks like troubleshooting and problem solving themselves.

With tools like Cempresso digital self-care and troubleshooting, companies gain access to a simple and accessible design studio where they can create their own mobile app for service diagnostics. This means that telcos can extend the existing features and support they offer their customers with minimal effort. The service works with a range of customer devices such as modems and STBs and comes with pre-built templates to solve the most common and important telecom issues.

By providing self-service tools to your customers, you gain access to the kind of quick problem-solving strategies customers are looking for in the digital world. Customers get a simplified workflow management environment that meets the needs of the average customer. You can take them from the “I have a problem” page to an automated troubleshooting system where they can diagnose issues with speed, password recovery, device connectivity, and more.

You can design your app to handle issues anywhere, on the web, via SMS, chatbots, and Facebook, so your customers can get more of what they are looking for. An automated digital self-care solution from Bulb tech is:

  • Responsive and ready to adapt to any screen size
  • Adaptable to the needs of any telecom brand
  • Low-code with a comprehensive web-based design studio
  • Consistent and intuitive, with easy-to-use interfaces on any platform
  • Ideal for empowering customers or field technicians

As both customers and employees demand increasingly flexible self-service solutions, a flexible system that integrates with your existing tools and bypasses your current investments can save your business a lot of time and money.

How Streamlining Telecoms Processes Benefits Your Business

Crucially, streamlining telecom processes through automation, self-care and diagnostic tools impacts your business in multiple ways. On one hand, you benefit from a happier, more satisfied customer base whose employees love your fast service. On the other hand, you benefit from a more productive and efficient team.

By automating common tasks like fixing simple issues, you can divert calls away from live agents and customer service representatives. This means live agents can focus on more complex issues and increase resolution rates for complicated customer concerns. When your agents have more time to focus on the most important tasks, you end up with fewer customers waiting in line for assistance and happier employees.

A bonus is that with a state-of-the-art automation system, you can create a contextual multichannel environment for interacting with and assisting your customers. If your customer tries to resolve an issue on their own using automated systems and cannot find a solution, you can automate the process of routing the ticket to customer service.

The benefit of this automated workflow is that it gives your customer service representative all the information they need to figure out what strategies the customer has already tried to resolve an issue, what the issue is, and even what type of customer they are dealing with. You can provide a more tailored and contextual experience to your customers across all channels.

You could even use automated tools and chatbots that gather additional information about customers from networked CRM systems and service desks, so your agents can find the information they need to quickly deliver great service.

On the backend, this unified multichannel environment simplifies the work of your management and IT teams as they spend less time maintaining multiple tools across multiple touchpoints.

It’s Time to Streamline Your Business Processes

Every telecom company faces stiff competition in today’s digital environment. The only way to stay ahead of the competition is to provide a flexible and effective experience for both your employees and your customers. You can start with something simple, like streamlined order management and onboarding processes, and then gradually introduce new automated solutions, such as an automated agent console that can assign tasks to agents based on their skills.

With customer experience top of mind for most business leaders today, it’s also worth looking at how you can automate other aspects of your customer service strategy without compromising on quality. Comprehensive automation environments like Cempresso Customer Care can tie in your existing systems so you do not have to tear down and replace existing technology. The solution simplifies existing workflows and provides practical low-code automation options.

As your business evolves, you can look for more processes to automate, from customer self-service and diagnostics to remediation management and automated guided support for your staff to perform their jobs more efficiently.

Automation is the future for better, more efficient services in the telecommunications industry. Contact Bulb Tech today to find out how we can get you on the right track.

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