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Redesign your customer support and reduce costs at the same time

Being a cable operator today is a major challenge.
For starters, cable operators are under increasing pressure to provide excellent service with limited resources, time, and budget. As the market becomes more competitive with emerging 5G fixed operators and the economy transforms, every company needs the right strategy to deliver continuous results.

That’s why we have developed a portfolio for cable operators, a perfect combination of our solutions that covers all areas of cable operators’ day-to-day business: troubleshooting cable services, analytics, proactive care, and cable equipment management.

This unique package for cable operators transforms complex, cumbersome workflows into smoothly functioning strategies for success, from customer-facing departments to field technical teams, covering all business processes from start to finish. Our solution provides service providers with a next-generation CEM tool that can significantly increase customer service efficiency and customer satisfaction. With its unique concept and simple, streamlined, intelligent workflows, it brings significant benefits to both fixed and mobile operators.


Combine Intelligent Workflow Automation Technology and Insightful Analytics for Quicker Problem Resolution

Teams do not have to drown in endless legacy applications thanks to back-end automation that brings together background investigations, root cause analysis, 360-degree service visibility, and automated remediation. Instead, employees have access to all the tools they need to resolve issues quickly.
Our portfolio for cable operators, powered by Cempresso, brings teams and workflows together to help you deliver instant ROI as well as the best customer experience, increase customer retention, and improve business efficiency.

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