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What Is Agent Experience And How It Influences Customer Experience

  For some time now, companies have been focusing more on the concept of "CX" (Customer Experience). They know that they need to provide a...

bltadm 06/02/2023

Customer Service is Changing: Here’s What to Expect in the Future Landscape

  Customer service is undergoing a massive transformation, driven by the rising expectations and demands of the changing consumer landscape. According to Salesforce, 80% of...

bltadm 27/01/2023

How to Include Powerful Human Interactions in a Seamless Strategy for Digital Customer Experience

  The way companies serve their customers has changed drastically in recent years. As consumers become more digitally focused, old-fashioned call centers are quickly being...

bltadm 11/01/2023

CX Software - The 5 Must-Have Features to Look for

Use our tips to get a game-changing CX Software Let's face it, CX is the most important factor every business should focus on today. If...

bltadm 16/11/2022
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