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The Battle Between Calls and Chat: Which Will Win?

  Regardless of the industry you're in, you probably already know that the customer experience is the key to success. More than any other factor,...

blb-pregled 18/01/2023

5 CX Trends to Invest in During 2022

Which CX Strategies should you explore?   Customers are no longer willing to accept inferior experiences. Studies show that 60% of customers would leave a...

blb-pregled 15/03/2022

Exploring the 5 Critical Areas of Telecom Transformation

Is it time to reinvent telecoms through a transformation? It is no secret that the telecommunications market is one of the most innovative and fastest-growing...

blb-pregled 22/02/2022

Tips For Improving Your Customer Self-Service Strategy

Self-service - one of the most popular new trends in customer service We live in an age where customers are increasingly comfortable using technology and...

blb-pregled 25/11/2021

DACS - The Ultimate Remote Device Management solution

The ultimate provisioning solution for companies in the midst of digital transformation Companies are under increasing pressure to deliver incredible experiences with limited resources, time,...

blb-pregled 07/06/2021
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