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The Battle Between Calls and Chat: Which Will Win?

  Regardless of the industry you're in, you probably already know that the customer experience is the key to success. More than any other factor,...

blb-pregled 18/01/2023

How to Include Powerful Human Interactions in a Seamless Strategy for Digital Customer Experience

  The way companies serve their customers has changed drastically in recent years. As consumers become more digitally focused, old-fashioned call centers are quickly being...

bltadm 11/01/2023

CX Software - The 5 Must-Have Features to Look for

Use our tips to get a game-changing CX Software Let's face it, CX is the most important factor every business should focus on today. If...

bltadm 16/11/2022

Bulb Technologies starts a new journey with IPKO

We are excited to announce our latest collaboration. In the following months, we will work on the implementation of our flagship product Cempresso Customer Care...

bltadm 30/10/2020

Bulb extends DACS customers footprint to North-Western Europe market

We are very proud to announce that Fluvius has chosen Bulb as a vendor for the CPE provisioning solution and joins a long list of...

bltadm 27/02/2020

Outstanding Catalyst Business Impact award won!

Bulb Technologies team enjoyed being part of this year’s Catalyst “Open AI Business Assurance Market Place”. We are very proud of our team members Maja...

bltadm 21/05/2019
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